“He who confuses value and price is a fool” (Quevedo)
Likewise, it is possible to book an extraordinarily talented artist for a ridiculous price, and pay an exorbitant price for a famous artist whose media value is far greater than his or her artistic skills. As professional music agents, our challenge is match value and price.
Having made that important point, welcome to this small space where we are pleased to present ourselves.
We founded our agency in 1999 in view of the incredible talents emerging at the time in Andalusia. Since then, our vast experience in arts management has enabled us to forge a unique relationship with these artists, based on professionalism and trust. Over the years, we have demonstrated to promoters in Andalusia, the rest of Spain and, more recently, the wider world, the professionalism and quality of our work, which is basically founded on the professionalism and quality of the musicians we represent.
Thanks to our varied expertise in arts management, we are also able to advise on and organise any event related to the performance arts and music.
Browse through these pages and discover some of the performers we represent. They are our best visiting card.

Our agency specialises in performers of classical musical, and has earned a consolidated reputation in Andalusia. Representing Andalusian musicians, musicians with a connection to Andalusia, and promising young musicians is our special strength.

violinist Ana María Valderrama, piano duo Victor y Luis del Valle conductor Juan Luis Pérez, Ardeo Quartet, cellist Fernando Arias, pianist Cristina Lucio-Villegas, violist Alejandro Garrido, the Orquesta de Cámara Andaluza, el violinist Ivan Pochekin, conductor Michael Thomas, cellist Luiza Nancu and pianist duo Luiza Nancu and Alejandro Roja-Marcos, chamber group Axabeba with its medieval repertoire, la guitarist María Esther Guzmán... are just some of the talents we represent.